Monday, November 16, 2009

Eight Words to Live By

Almighty God,
Eight words thunder in our souls: Without you, we can’t. Without us, you won’t
You have chosen to do your work through your people.
We have been called to communicate your love by caring for the spiritually and physically poor and hungry of the world.
You press our hearts next to the heartbeat of those caught in the syndrome of poverty and those millions who feel hunger gnaw at them day and night.
Help us respond to their cries as individuals and as participants in united efforts to care for those who suffer.
Motivate us by the memory of your generosity to us, but also by the bracing truth that we cannot continue to grow in grace without obeying your command to feed the hungry and care for the poor.
Today, begin a spiritual awakening among believers that sweeps across the world and results in a mighty outpouring of resources to meet the magnitude of the need.
And Lord, begin with me.
- Lloyd John Ogilvie

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