Thursday, September 24, 2009

NYC Trip Reflection

The following is a trip reflection written by a great CSM group leader. This was an all adult group that served this past summer with CSM in New York City. Big thank you to them for allowing us to share their story! We'll share more reflections from this group later on as well.

The mission trip in August enabled us to see what life is like for those who live and work in New York City. We intentionally focused on those in any sort of need. I was inspired by the faith, the hope and the love of the leaders of each of the ministries we visited. We saw how one or two people had begun a feeding ministry and how their little mustard seed of faith in action had become a giant tree offering food and other support regularly to many people. Like Jesus, they had responded to the needs of the people around them.

One ministry is sponsored by Pastor Larry. He offers dialogue and communication with non-Christian immigrants so that they can learn about Christianity, but he does not proselytize. He establishes contacts by offering English language instruction and other useful services. He wants to reach out in love to others who have a different faith so that they can know more about us and we about them, in a non-threatening way. He walked his talk; he used his living room as a space to welcome people.

Mission trips allow transformation to take place. The eight of us who went have been transformed by what we experienced: by what we saw, heard and did. We want to share some of our experiences with you in hopes that you also may be transformed. It is the same as Jesus sharing the Good News with his disciples, and through the ages this Gospel has been passed on to us.
-Margaret, CSM Trip Leader

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