Thursday, July 09, 2009

Learning to Live out Jesus' Words

This past week was an amazing time here at CSM Toronto. I was blessed to have a small group of high school students in from the States. What was absolutely amazing about this group was its collective spiritual maturity and their passion and willingness to step up and do whatever the ministry sites needed. The week started with a little apprehension about what they were to do or how to act or what to say, but with just a little encouragement every student opened up and became confident in their role as a servant.
We encountered a few trials along the way, but the group was amazing!! When I sent them out on their own to practically live out the Words of Jesus, they came back pumped and full of amazing stories and energy. It was amazing to see them, see His words come to life – how their direct initiative impacted someone’s day. I was encouraged by their stories; I was encouraged by their excitement and passion. I was spoiled by the group this week – they are amazing and the God working through them is amazing.
-Kristine Brereton, CSM Toronto Summer 2009 City Host

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