Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DC in Shock after Train Wreck

Yesterday's train wreck in Washington DC has left our nation's capital in shock. We've received an email with prayer requests from our Washington DC City Director, Jason Martin. Would you join us in praying for:
THE FAMILIES Please just continue to pray for the families of those who have died, for those injured and for all those impacted by this horrible accident.
THE CITY The spirit of the city is down right now. Lots of people angry with WMATA (who operates metro). There is already a huge disconnect between city residents (especially of ward 7 and 8) and these folks. Many people are angry and frustrated because this could have been avoided.
COMMUTERS Logistically this will cause problems for commuters. Many people rely on Metro to get to work (we have only 570,000 residents in the city but 4-5 million people work here). That coupled with those who travel via Marc rail and who commute through the city will lead to serious commuter problems. The trains are operational today but they are advising people not to take the red line, which is a major commuter line. All of this put together puts one of the worst traffic spots in the US even worse, making things more difficult for our groups as far as getting around.
CSM GROUPS Please also pray for our groups that are currently in the city. Though not directly affected, please pray that they are able to continue to have a good week of service while ministering to a mourning city.

Thanks again for your prayers.

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