Thursday, May 14, 2009


A poem by Viviana Afanador

More than a number,
More than a Picture…
Every one has a story
We breathe,
We live,
And we die

Poverty: it’s more than just a word,
It’s a way of life
Too much pain,
Captured at a tender age
The click of a camera—
Our eyes exposed

Eyes that betray the pain inside,
Eyes that search for more, for hope
Eyes that drop tears, leaving trails of clean skin
Eyes that are turned towards heaven

Ravaged by a vicious world,
Abandoned by forgetful lives,
Our hollow hearts beat inside these beaten bodies
We live in margins,
The corners of your mind

Here we are,
Existing on the same planet
Living in opposite worlds
Our biggest dreams sketch your worst nightmare

Speak out,
Step up
With a breath of love,
Break the mold
Can’t you see?
We are the least of these
Unheeded in this hurried world

Keep your coins—
We want change

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