Friday, February 06, 2009

Restaurant Nourishes Stomachs and Souls of Los Angeles

Often times when we meet some one on the streets and want to take them out for an inexpensive meal, the person will suggest Clifton's Cafeteria on Broadway. The minute you step in you feel like you are in a different world from downtown - it is quiet, and the decorations are quirky and charming. I have always felt comfortable here no matter who I come with. When I read this article about Clifton's, I realized that this is not by accident.

Apparently, the whole Clifton family is a great Christian family that has been committed to justice ever since this place started in the 1930's. They have opposed an unjust mayor even when it meant their business suffered. They have contributed to ending food hunger world wide. They found ways to serve food to the destitute in a way that provided dignity. And, as I have always known, they accept any person that comes through their door and hopes to give them a wholesome meal.

-Rachel Hamilton, CSM Los Angeles City Director

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