Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top 10 reasons to serve with CSM in Chicago around Easter time

10. Get in touch with your inner-artist! Color Easter eggs with homeless children.
9. Diversity. Come stay in one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the US.
8. Need. The need in Chicago is huge, but volunteers are few.
7. Good eats! Chicago is known for its fabulous food. Come try some of our tastiest ethnic restaurants.
6. Great conversation. Don't just serve a meal at a soup kitchen; offer the gift of companionship as you sit down and talk with a patron at a soup kitchen.
5. Party! Throw an Easter celebration for families at a homeless shelter.
4. Work hard. Food distribution centers in Chicago are seeing a 30% increase in food requests. Come sort food donations at GCFD, one of the nation's largest food banks.
3. Play hard! Chicago Public School students are on spring break and are looking for some new friends to play with!
2. Become an explorer! Spend some time exploring the city and learning about what life might be like for a runaway teen or immigrant family.
1. Sacrifice. Give of yourself as you remember Christ's ultimate gift to us.

CSM's Chicago site still has space available for groups who want to serve in the city around Easter time. Learn how YOU can register your group to serve with CSM in Chicago - email or call our Home Office (949-248-8200) today!

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