Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If we all helped a little...

Many people in NY have been feeling the pinch of food prices, rent, and unemployment rates all rising. All across the city, many more people are looking for assistance than last year, while at the same time many food pantries and soup kitchens have been feeling the economic pinch as well as food prices have gone up and their food/pantry supplies have in some cases become bare.
The NY Daily News recently published an online article highlighting some organizations in Brooklyn that are feeling that are struggling more than others. One organization featured in the article is called Salt and Sea Mission, a mission that CSM groups have partnered with for the past couple of years. In the article, Pastor Debbie says "if everybody would help, just a little bit" it would make a big difference.
How much of a difference do you think it would make, if everyone helped their local pantries even a little? Are there ways you can get involved in helping yours?
-Noelle Sefton, CSM New York Co-City Director

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