Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend of Purpose

"This past weekend, I went with my small group to CSM (hosted by Jon) and had a GREAT time. It's funny how I would fly across the ocean to another continent to serve the poor when there are enough poor to serve 20 minutes from home. The prayer tour of LA the first night really set the tone of the trip. The next day we served at the Midnight Missions at the crack of dawn. Later, we broke up in 2 groups and did a "meet a need" exercise in downtown LA. We were given $5 and had to meet someone's need with that amount. We met "BaBa", a man from florida who's an inspiring writer and musician who ended up on the streets. He had a lot to say and we ended up using our money to buy him apple juice and sat there to talk to him for about 45 mins. He had a lot to talk about. As crazy as some of his ideas were…it was great to sit and talk with him showing that we weren't embarrassed to be seen with him. My calling really is to be able to love the poor. Not really sure how that's going to play out…but I feel like God created me with that purpose."
-Gloria, CSM Trip Participant

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