Monday, October 06, 2008

Making an Impact

At the end of every trip, we have groups fill out evaluations of their experience in the city. We ask them to tell us something they’ve learned or a commitment they’ve made as a result of their trip. Here are some of responses from participants at CSM Chicago:

“I learned that beyond the glitz and fun - Michigan Ave is a seemingly endless array of problems that can only end with understanding.” (Student from Rose Park Reformed Church)
“I’ve learned that homeless does not always equal lazy.” (Student from Lindsey Wilson College)
“I plan on going back home and finding out more about the problems that are going on in my neighborhood and finding organizations that I may be able to get involved in.” (Student from Lindsey Wilson College)
“I’ve learned that even the little things you do help very much. I used to think that I couldn’t make a difference because I’m not rich. But this trip I have learned that this is not the case.” (Student from Lindsey Wilson College)
“I am going to try to not judge people so much.” (Student from Fifth Reformed Church)

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