Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LA Update: Lives are Changing

In addition to seeing transformation in our staff and my own life, I have also seen many students’ lives transformed after a week in Los Angeles. This summer we had 40 different churches come out to CSM LA from many different parts of the country. Some came from as far as Kentucky and Georgia or as close as Diamond Bar and Carson. Throughout their time in LA students are exposed and educated to many of the issues going on here in the city through a prayer tour of the city. Because of this exposure and education, groups are better able to help meet the needs of many of the hurting in Los Angeles. Then, throughout the week CSM partners students and groups with different life-changing ministries in the city. Through these partnerships and spiritual guidance from our summer hosts’ students experience the amazing power of God and are really able to grow in their faith. After a week here at CSM, here are some of the commitments students made when leaving LA:
•I am going to get/make blankets and give them to the homeless.
•God has taught me to have a more sincere and humble heart for service, and a renewed compassion.
•God has re-affirmed my call to do missions work.
•I have realized I need to do more of God’s work. I need to give more of my blessings to others and volunteer in my own community.

That’s all pretty remarkable and absolutely none of this growth would be possible without God’s amazing power and your prayers.
Thank You,
Jon Vales, CSM Los Angeles Associate City Director

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