Monday, June 30, 2008

Want a cookie?!

The past 4 weeks at CSM Houston, hundreds of people of all ages have passed through the doors (although most were high energy junior high). Every week, a few groups get a chance to serve at the Harbor Light Salvation Army. It is a men’s shelter for those that are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions as well as a daily meal service and shelter for those on the streets. One man that is always there when CSM volunteers arrive is named David. David's story consists of attempting to go through the program at Harbor Light 6 different times. He has battled addictions for most of his life and has been welcomed into the program again to overcome his obstacles. Currently David is in charge of the kitchen which is where our group mainly serves. Over the summer he has gained an interest in our CSM groups asking questions about what we do and why we serve. All of the interns have grown accustomed to chatting with him every time they get to visit there. The best part about David is he wants to return the favor of our service by handing us not one but four boxes of cookies every time we come.
As much as I don't "need" to eat any more cookies, for David, it's always nice to be reminded of what he has shared with us by seeing multiple boxes left over around our housing site. We mostly went to Harbor Light today!

-Adrienne, CSM Houston City Host Summer 2008

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