Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Francisco Food Bank Receives First Truckload of Tomatoes in Huge Donation From SK Foods

To help replenish diminishing supplies at our state's food banks, SK Foods is donating more than 82,000 cases of 15 oz. canned diced tomatoes--close to one million cans--to food banks throughout California. Deliveries to food banks began Thursday morning, June 5, with a truck dropping off approximately 2,800 cases of tomatoes to the San Francisco Food Bank.

The SK Foods donation constitutes one of the five largest food bank donations in the state's history, according to Bill Foltz, food solicitor for Second Harvest Food Bank, who is helping to coordinate distribution of the diced tomatoes. "It's a great product and has such versatility to it. This outstanding donation comes at a time when our food banks are scrambling desperately for donations," explained Foltz.
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