Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frontlines of Urban Ministry in DC

Everything is going well here in D.C. Friday was our last day of
training. This past week, we visited some of our ministry sites and
concentrated on learning directions here in the city. I feel fairly
confident with the directions...I'm just ready for the groups to start
coming, so that I can put into practice the things I've been learning.
I'm ready to jump right in there, make mistakes and learn from them.

I have a couple stories from this past week... Friday morning we got
up early and went to Charlie's Place (It's a ministry that serves
breakfast and gives out clothing to the homeless, the majority of the
attendees were men however) We were at Charlie's Place by 6am, and I
helped out in the kitchen with preparing some food, and doing some
general housekeeping (cleaning dishes and shelfs, etc...) I then went
out to the dining room and served grits, and then the meal. There were
all types of men there, from many backgrounds. It was a real eye
opening experience, I stepped back and just observed as the men were
lining up to get their meal. I was thinking about how as a man it must
be hard to be at such a low point, that they are without a home and
taking a number to get their meal for the day. I was also thinking
about how the Lord loves each and every person who was in Charlie's
Place that day, and how God treasures and sees worth in each one of
them as much as He does in me.

-Sarah, CSM Washington DC City Host Summer 2008

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