Friday, June 06, 2008

China Earthquake Update

I have been getting updates from my parents, and they are doing well. My mom traveled to and from ChengDu safely, and she is now back in Shanghai. They both will be coming back to the states on the 16th of June. However, having witnessed some of the destruction first hand, my mom has told me some pretty horrible stories about what the earthquake has done. People are STILL living in tents even today. Most people are so afraid of going back in doors that to get their belongings from their homes, they run inside and run right back out, making 6 or 7 trips just to get a few basic supplies.

Even with great tragedy, we can be thankful that God is still moving in these affected areas. Thousands have come to know the Lord, and many people express a sense of peace despite the devastation all around them. However, even with people accepting Christ, they are still in need of very physical needs. Hundreds of people still need tents to sleep in, and even the simple things are now being realized. (For instance, mosquito nets are vital now that you have that many people staying outdoors for such a long time). Even tasks like getting people bowls and utensils to eat with have become a larger problem than most people could ever expect. Long term goals of psychiatric counseling and school re-construction are almost being put on back burner in light of the growing immediate needs of people. However those DO need to get addressed soon.

Thanks for your prayers and support, it means a lot to me.

Jonathan Liu, CSM Los Angeles Scheduler

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