Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Life Lessons from Houston

A group from St. Martin's Episcopal Church was serving at the Beacon downtown in Houston. This ministry is a day center that provides a variety services to the homeless. Some of the kids were working in the clothing distribution area along with some other volunteers. One of the more confident youth decided that he should strike up some conversation with one of the more attractive volunteers. Interesting enough, from talking with her, he found out some very impressive information. This lady was the wife of a relief pitcher for the Florida Marlins who had come to town for her husband's game against the Houston Astro's. She told the student that wherever she travels with her husband, she finds a place to volunteer during her stay. This kid took a step back upon hearing her story. He noted that this was not something she "had" to do by any means, yet she wanted to give back because she was able. This was encouraging to the entire group as they realized how easy it is to plug in and serve wherever they go.

Who knew the MLB would be incorporated into a weekend mission trip?!

-Adrienne, CSM Houston Spring 2008 City Host

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