Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Life Taken Too Soon

ESPN recently featured an article about Jamiel Andre Shaw II (lovingly known as Jas). At 17 he had accomplished more than most - a star athlete, loving brother and son. And even more amazing was that, though his family lives in the heart of Los Angeles, Jas had managed to stay out of gangs, away from drugs and in school. He had overcome so many odds, but that didn't keep him out of harms way.
On the evening of March 1, just 40 yards from the front door of his house, Jas was shot and killed. A senseless loss of life.
Teens in Los Angeles have a hard time getting to age 18 these days. It had become Jas' father's goal for him - the "18 Year Plan".
"Eighteen meant college. Eighteen meant Jas never became a casualty of the streets, that he never found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eighteen meant Jas was relatively lucky. Minority kids in Los Angeles, whether black or brown, need a little luck to make it to 18. Not a ton of luck, but a little luck. Just a smidge. You never know."
Read the entire article at ESPN.com...

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