Monday, April 07, 2008

A day in the life of a CSM Houstonian!

The spring break season is over and the intensity has slowed. Everything in Houston went smoothly throughout the past three weeks. Of all of the moments shared in the city, one day distinctly sticks out to me. My group was serving at Open Door Mission which is a Christian based men’s drug/alcohol rehabilitation program. Some of the Jr. High group I was with had previously served there and were ready to “beat” some of the clients at basketball.
After we served breakfast and cut some carrots everyone made their way outside. While we were out there, I met a man named Sean. Sean was having a blast watching everyone play basketball and started to share some of his history with me. I stopped him mid sentence and asked if he would share it with this group. We all gathered and sat down on a grassy area as Sean shared his testimony with us. Although I will not do his story justice because only he can truly describe the trials his past contained, I will attempt to hit the highlights of what he shared with us.
Sean at Open Door Mission was raised in the Catholic Church by a middle class family. At the young age of 11, he started drinking. Shortly after that he moved to marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine. Although he started using these strong drugs at such a young age, they did not hold him back from graduating high school. This man was actually an incredible swimmer.
After receiving a full college scholarship, by the age of 21, Sean was ranked 10th in the nation. This achievement is amazing, yet, almost unbelievable to think that at the time, he was a functioning addict. After college, he was a drug dealer and addicted to crack cocaine for 22 years.
His journey now continues with new light at Open Door where he has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and been sober for three months. He was so excited to tell all of the youth about his new found love.
For me, although testimonies are beautiful and honest, after the 27th of the day, the luster is somewhat lost. I will forever remember Sean because of his ending comment. He asked all of the kids “Do you realize that you were just playing basketball with a bunch of addicts?” A more talkative kid of the group replied “No, we were just playing.” Then Sean added “That’s God.”
When I first started with CSM, I was amazed and enthralled by all of the interesting people that I would meet. It seemed like every new day topped the previous one as I continued on my own journey. I now realize that it’s not the people that are so interesting, it’s they way God is moving through them that keeps me on my toes.
I kind of like being a ballerina.

-Adrienne, CSM Houston Spring 2008 City Host

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