Monday, March 24, 2008

Being Homeless in Winter

It's hard to be homeless anywhere. But in the thick of winter, it's even harder to be homeless in Chicago. Frigid temperatures and brutal wind chills make the nights unbearable for those with no place to stay. A recent article shows how the homeless in Chicago have found both shelter and community in the lobbies of police departments in the city.

Police in all major cities are known for their sometimes inhumane treatment of the poor. The police force in Chicago is notorious for corruption. It's a breath of fresh air to hear how our police are showing compassion and welcoming the poor off the streets. Although spring is well underway in most cities, the bitterness of winter persists here. People are still struggling through the night to survive, and sometimes they don't make it. This sad story just came out this month.

Please pray for those without shelter tonight; pray for their safety and protection. And pray that more would be done to address the needs of the homeless in Chicago.

-Kelly Reed, CSM Chicago Co-City Director

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