Monday, June 11, 2007

Aylmer Group Impacts Toronto

This week I had the privilege of hosting a group of 8 from Aylmer Ontario. They were such an amazing group. We served at the Church of Redeemer every morning where we served meals to the homeless and also got to play some cards with them. We passed out water bottles in one of the local parks and took time to hear some of the people's stories. We played Bingo at the Fudger House, which is a long term care facility. We also passed out sandwiches to people sleeping on the streets and spent an evening learning what it was like to be 14 and on the streets. They also took an ethnic plunge into Chinatown where they experienced a new culture. The group learned a lot this week. Their eyes were opened to the world around them. They saw God in unlikely places and realized that sometimes just taking the time to hear someone's story can change both their lives and the lives of those they listen to. They came up with practical ways they can continue their service back home. They each have great hearts of God! I learned so much just by seeing how well they served and how God moved in their lives and changed them throughout the week!

-Mandie Cantrell, CSM Toronto 2007 City Host

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