Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stories from the Fontlines: Tony

Tony is a man I met while handing out sack lunches to hungry people on the streets. On this particular day, my group and I handed out thirty lunches, and Tony was the only person who talked to us. A few years ago he was a well paid construction foreman in Seattle. He went through a divorce in which he lost most of his wealth, and soon after he was hospitalized with two hemorrhages in his brain. At its worst, there was so much blood floating around in his skull that he couldn’t move or talk.
After being released from the hospital, Tony found himself financially exhausted from his divorce and medical bills. Not being in a fit condition to return to work, he became homeless in Seattle. About a month ago, he took a bus to San Francisco hearing that the weather was milder and this city took better care of its poor.
Unlike most stories, Tony’s has a bit of a happy ending. He found a job that pays almost enough to support him, and his body is healing a little faster than was expected. He guesses that he ought to be able to return to work, if he can find work, in a few more months. However, until then he’ll be on the streets.
Pray for Tony. Through circumstances mostly out of his control, he’s found himself without a home, a family, or anyone to turn to.

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