Monday, April 02, 2007

News from Toronto

It has been real busy here in Toronto with the spring groups that have been
serving here. We have been seeing God work in many lives. Just this weekend
we had a group from St. Thomas, Ontario. It was really neat. They came to
Toronto calling the street people "the homeless" and left calling them by
name and realizing that we reallly shouldn't place titles on people. The
only true name we should call someone is by their real one. By calling
people homeless they realized that we take away the story of that individual
and this robs them of there individuality and identity. I found it
encouraging to see this group grow so quickly and truly learn that people on
the streets have stories to. I believe that they willl take this home and
put it in to practice in the schools they all attend and in their everyday

Blessings from Toronto,
Mark, CSM Toronto 2007 Spring City Host

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