Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You Can't Out-Give God!

The youth group from Wesley United Methodist Church in Selinsgrove, PA has been actively serving with CSM for over 7 years. Though they have hundreds of stories about lives changed, relationships formed and worldviews altered, one of the biggest experiences that happened through a CSM connection occurred after their trip, not while they were in the city.
While back in Selinsgrove, the youth group had raised some money to buy sound equipment for one of their ministries. Just about that time Dale Long, their youth leader, was contacted by their first CSM host. They had kept in contact over the years and she was wanting to let Wesley UMC know that she was heading to Africa to begin working in an AIDS orphanage. She would be selling her piano and keyboard to raise the funds she needed - would they be interested?
The youth group was so touched, knowing how gifted their former host was musically. They decided to buy her piano using the $800 they had raised for their sound equipment, adding one stipulation - that she keep it and promise to never sell it again!
Knowing that they had done the right thing, the youth group proceeded in faith. Shortly thereafter, they were contacted by a local DJ looking to donate his sound equipment (worth thousands!!) The Lord provided and Dale learned one major lesson "You can never out-give God!"

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