Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Street News from Toronto!

This spring we have been facinated by the Toronto Street News paper. During
our daily routine we will often find guys throughout the city selling the
paper at various locations. The following is a little we would like to share
about the paper.

The Toronto Street News is written from a street perspective. It has
articles of the issues facing people on the streets. It also contains
articles that contain many issues that are often not addressed, for example;
global, social, racial. It is a good paper to draw on for issues that people
on the streets are concerned about.

The papers are printed every couple of weeks and are sold to the homeless
who sell the papers to the public. The sales provide a little income for the
homeless to use for shelter and other necessities until they can aquire
further assistance. We have found it a really good way to help the homeless

We have found it a really good way to connect with the homeless. Even though
the faces change, it has been good to try and get to know these guys. They
are always greatful and thank us for buying the paper. This paper has been a
lot of fun and we intend to pursue more interaction with the guys who sell

-Mark, CSM Toronto 2007 Spring City Host

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