Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ultimate Gift at Christmas

Who knew that saying Merry Christmas would make you a rebel? I say it every chance I get to remind others what the meaning of the season is. As I Christmas shop, purchase gifts and travel from store to store I see all different types of people doing the same thing…looking for that “perfect” gift. One day while traveling from one mall to the next I heard a radio commercial talking about purchasing gifts for others and the anticipation we have to see the surprise and joy in the person’s face when they open their gift.
I have to admit, to me that’s the best part, watching someone I love open a gift I have sought out for them, purchased, wrapped and freely given out of love. As I pondered the reactions I would see on Christmas day, I thought about God and His ultimate gift of Jesus. I imagined how our Father anticipated us opening up the gif of His Son. How much love and care He has for us to give us that extraordinary gift. Then I thought about how I have squandered that gift, so to speak. How I don’t live my daily life in a way that shows appreciation for the sacrifice my Father freely and lovingly gave to me; just like gifts I have given in the past and they are now at Goodwill, or in the trash, or buried in the back of a closet.
The gift of Jesus to our broken world is a gift that cannot be set aside, changed or altered. It is a gift to be cherished, appreciated and most importantly shared with others. On Christmas day as you watch your loved ones open the gifts you purchased for them, consider the joy your Father has watching you open His Gift every day…
-Tawnya, CSM Nashville City Director
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