Monday, December 04, 2006

Toronto Trip Reflection

"I wasn't really prepared for the experience. Sure I had been praying about it and everything but I wasn't ready for my pride to be shot down so much. Honestly, I used to think that homeless people were on the streets because they were lazy. Wow, not true! I learned that every single person out there has a personal story and a background. They are just like me they just don't a have roof over their heads. All the stereotypes that I had with me when I went were totally broken down. God was really speaking to my heart from the moment I stepped out of the van. At a soup kitchen that my team was working at, I met this one woman, who was about 25 who actually used to live right near where I live right now. She went to a high school where I knew some of the teachers that she knew as well. It was cool because I was almost too shy to approach her, but she ended up being the sweetest girl. You really have to learn to take a leap of faith sometimes. Trusting God to speak through you can be a scary experience, but also very exciting. God taught me a lot about relationships and my attitude, and I am so thankful that I had the chance to go on this trip. I definitely want to go again sometime, I am not sure where or when but I am trusting God to help me with that decision. God bless you all!"
-Student on CSM Toronto Mission Trip

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