Friday, June 30, 2006

Ministry of Listening

The ministry site that I go to most of the weeks is St. Francis Table. It is there that we as volunteers help prepare the meal as well as act as waiters and waitresses to wait on the cilents that come in. This week I saw one lady come in who was telling me her hands hurt. I gave her my sympathies and moved on because I had other work to do. As the dinner rush went on I noticed that this lady did not leave. She was talking to everyone who sat at her table - some were listening, others were not. When I was finished working and had my break I noticed that this lady was still at her table. I went up to her and started talking. I found out her name was Patricia and she had grown up in an orphanage. She continued to apologize for taking so long, but it was clear to me that she just needed someone to talk to and I was happy to lend an ear. When she left I felt bad. As she went outside and started walking, my heart went out to her. As I was feeling low I looked up and saw my group working hard at their jobs. I felt bad for Patricia who needed somone to talk to, but it made me feel good that there are places like St. Francis who are full of volunteers who are willing to help so that people can get a meal and so that people like Patricia can have someone to listen to them.
-Josh McClement, CSM Toronto City Host Summer 2006

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