Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Madness in DC

Despite the 8 inches of snow on the ground, we're gearing up for the spring season in DC. We have 1 more weekend group before our own version of March (and April) Madness begins: 42 days straight of groups, from March 3 - April 14. We'll have a brief breather before another 2 weeks of mission trips, one or two groups in May, and then it's on to summer! Before we know it, we'll be training summer staff and searching for mysteriously opened fire hydrants to help cool off.
We've got plenty of work before we get there, though. This spring, we're looking forward to introducing 15 groups from all over the country to our nation's capital. Our summer schedule is fairly regular: groups come in Sunday evening, and depart Saturday morning. The spring, however, is anything but regular. There are variations in arrival days, departures, group age, numbers, the weather, other groups in town, ministry site openings and closings, etc. With all this craziness, it's important that we rely on the Lord to sustain us. Please be in prayer for our hosts & staff (42 days of groups means 42 days without a day off), the ministries we try to serve with consistency, and the groups coming in town: those that arrive in the 6th week are just as important as those that arrive in the 1st week.
Psalm 55:22
-Justin Hormel, Washington, DC City Director

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